We strive for excellence and we believe in a culture of teaching and learning.


  • We expect that learners take pride in their work and always complete homework assignments to the best of their ability.
  • Learners must adhere to the time limits set for homework assignments.
  • We expect learners to make use of extra resources (internet or library) when completing assignments.
  • We also expect learners to complete their work on their own and ask assistance from their parents or teachers if they need it.



  • Educators must deliver the curriculum according to the CAPS curriculum documents.
  • Work assignments must be done in class.
  • If necessary and to enhance learning homework assignments can to be given to learners.
  • Educators need to check that all homework is done and assess the homework given.
  • This is a learning opportunity where learners can assess if they understand the work.
  • Reward those learners who always do their homework on time.
  • Inform the parents if a learner do not complete homework or does not hand in assignments.
  • Reprimand and punish learners appropriately if the learner does not complete homework given to them.
  • Educators must be consistent in applying the policies of the school.



  • To complete homework assignments to the best of his/her ability.
  • Take pride in his/her work.
  • Complete homework assignments on time.
  • Ask the educator is he/she does not understand the work.
  • Draw up a study work schedule to ensure that he/she will have enough time to complete homework assignments for the day.



  • To show interest their children’s work.
  • Make sure that their children have enough time to complete homework assignments.
  • Make sure that their children complete all their homework assignments.
  • Check their children’s note books on a regular basis.
  • Assist and support their children where it is needed.
  • Praise their children for work well done.
  • Encourage their children to strive for excellence and to better.