To minimize distractions, academic dishonesty and theft, the following cell phone policy has been revised and approved by the principal, staff and SGB of the school.
Any use of cell phones by learners is strictly prohibited on the school premises during school hours (8h00- 14h30).
A learner’s cell phone will be confiscated when he or she uses the cell phone during school hours.
Learners are not allowed to use any electronic devices during school hours.
Lost, Stolen or Damaged cell phones
O    The Principal, Staff and SGB of Sarepta Secondary School are not responsible for the loss and/or damage to any cell phone or similar technological device a learner brings to school. 
O    The school will not utilize administrative time and/or academic time and resources to investigate incidents with regard to the loss or damage to cell phones or any electronic devices. 
Inappropriate Use of a Cell Phone
Any inappropriate use of a cell phone, including but not limited to, inappropriate photographs, text messaging, and /or video recordings, will result in the confiscating of the phone as well as possible police referral.
In Case of an Emergency:
O  A Learner may contact his/her parents at the administration office
O     No learner is allowed to have any technological device, including a cell phone, a TAB, Laptop etc in the examination room during examinations and tests. 
O     If any learner is caught with a cell phone or any similar technological device in his possession during an exam or test it will be regarded as dishonesty. 
O     This is a serious offence which can lead to the disqualification of that particular examination. 
O    Dishonesty during an examination and or tests will be dealt with in accordance to the Western Cape Education Department’s examination policy. 

Confiscation of Cell Phones
Confiscation of cell phones or electronic devices can only be done by the principal or a teacher at the school.