Message from our Principal Mr D J Williams

As we enter 2015, I would like to welcome back all our learners, especially our new grade 8 and 9 learners joining our school for the first time. I trust that you're well rested, eager and ready for this new phase in your school career.

As all the new challenges of 2015 await us, it is very important that we are all informed about what is expected of us and what our responsibilities are as learners and parents affiliated to this school.

The School prospectus contains most important and relevant information regarding the school. It is therefore essential that all stake holders associated with Sarepta Secondary School (especially the learners and their parents) familiarize themselves with the contents of it.

When parents become involved in the activities of the school, education becomes a family affair. As teachers and parents get to know one another better, their relationship becomes more trusting and this is always good for the growth and development of the child/learner.

Our common goal and purpose at this school must always be to ensure that effective teaching and learning takes place so that the products (learners) who leave us one day are people of sound character, who will become reliable citizens and help to change our country for the better.

At Sarepta we would like all our learners to feel welcome and secure , but also feel that there are people/educators who really care about their wellbeing as individuals. Our school must also be a place where all learners can thrive and grow physically, intellectually and emotionally.

In order to achieve this, it is important to realize that teamwork between learners and educators and parents is required if we want to attain success and ensure that this school remains a place where quality education is practiced.

And let us always remember that it is only through the Lord's power, guidance and support that we will be able to deal with and cope with our challenges and endeavours in 2015.